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Attack of the Queerwolf

Aug 15, 2019

This week the Queerwolves are rejoined by horror academic Jen Moorman to talk the Lesbian Bible, aka 1996’s BOUND!
We discuss the massive impact of that fingering scene, our best and worst pick-up lines, anti-hierarchical relationships, and “really cool” uses of toilets. 
Plus, in Tea Time we sip on...

Aug 8, 2019

This week the reunited Queerwolves sit down with SFX artist and Face Off champion Nora Hewitt to talk 1998’s THE FACULTY!
We discuss the relative queerness of the teen characters, whether or not the film has a happy ending, the walking fashion show that is Josh Hartnett, how to pass alien slug bodies, and lots and...

Aug 1, 2019

This week the crew is down a Brennan, but up a director Chris Landon and actress Jessica Rothe from HAPPY DEATH DAY and HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U! We’re chatting about 1992’s DEATH BECOMES HER because we have great taste. 
Plus, in Tea Time we sip on BIG LITTLE LIES, the “Man in the Window” podcast, SAPIENS, and...

Jul 25, 2019

This week Nay is out sick, so Sam, Michael, and Brennan hold down the fort with a conversation about formative boy crushes, imaginary movie star boyfriends, the hottest movie villains, and how everything connects back to SCREAM 2.
Plus, in Tea Time we sip on CRAWL, the CATS trailer, ANNABELLE COMES HOME, and...

Jul 18, 2019

This week the Queerwolves (who are down a Michael) are joined by producer Keith Calder (You’re Next, Blair Witch, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) to talk 2014’s THE GUEST.

This is the first time we’ve talked to someone about a movie they actually worked on, and Keith handled it like a pro! Brennan nerds out about...